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Teen Mom Empowerment Foundation will donate baby & toddler clothing to families affected by Hurricane Harvey In Houston, Texas. If you know of a family in need please contact us via e-mail at teen.mom1@yahoo.com or on our Facebook page Teen Mom Empowerment Foundation. We are also accepting donations to provide the following items to families affected. Donations will be available to everyone in need REGARDLESS OF AGE! Please click our Donations link on the left of this page. Enter the amount and proceed with donation through PayPal or Credit Card. Any amount helps! Items Being Purchased include the following: Pampers, Wipes, Blankets, Bottles, Baby Food, Formula, and Baby Hygiene Items. We will personally purchase & deliver items to families once the flood waters recedes. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and donation receipts will be provided upon request!

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